Tax governance and transparency

​The Landscape

Our latest publication, setting out the challenges facing businesses in 2017, including:

  • Publication of a Tax Strategy
  • Tax governance
  • New FRC Tax Disclosures
  • Country-by-Country Reporting
  • The Criminal Finances Act


“Engaged Consulting provided valuable input to our published Tax Principles. Tim’s experience and insights helped make them more meaningful and relevant.”

Paul Morton

Head of Group Tax, RELX plc

We are delighted to announce that Engaged Consulting won the Tolley’s Taxation Award 2017 in the category of Best Independent Consultancy Firm.

This is great news, and recognises the innovative and topical services we provide. Tax governance and transparency issues are on the agenda for all businesses.



Providing expert advice and support to you and your business on understanding the current tax environment. Tax risk is on everyone's agenda, but it is often unclear what that really means.

We help businesses understand tax risk and governance, and engage with stakeholders, both internal and external, on issues relating to tax. Whether it's proactively or reactively, or in response to new tax transparency requirements, we can help your business.

In the current tax environment, the correct approach to governance, compliance and stakeholder engagement is essential. We can help your business to address the tax agenda in a bespoke and targeted way, to mitigate risk and forge stakeholder relationships.

We can identify tax governance structures, messaging, engagement strategies and training to bring that real value to your business. 

In a modern business this value is inextricably linked to your engage with stakeholders. Once you are happy, we can help you engage with stakeholders, whether internal or external.

Engaged Consulting can deliver bespoke tax governance and transparency solutions to your business, fit for the current environment.

At Engaged Consulting, the first thing we do is really understand what tax issues you are facing, and how we can help. It's about solving the problems you are facing.





Addressing the tax agenda